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Stacey Donaldson

Rosemont Community LandTrust is a non-profit organization that was developed with community in mind. Relationships, between the community and Rosemont, were formed after many years of cleaning up trash and debris from streets and vacant houses. Relational meetings with neighbors  helped to determine the growing need for affordable housing. "People are not looking for a hand-out, but a hand-up," was the sentiment of many. Rosemont Community Landtrust is just that, a hand-up.


Affordable housing can decrease rates of homelessness, need for public assistance, and criminal activity. Stable housing can improve a child’s nutrition and academic performance. A CLT (community landtrust) neighborhood acts like a family, with neighbors helping neighbors. RCLT (Rosemont Community LandTrust) contributes to neighborhood stabilization through the acquisition and development of vacant properties. Rehabilitating abandoned homes can improve the local housing market and decrease rates of neighborhood crime. 

Rosemont Community LandTrust will improve the economic and social welfare of its clients. The resulting impact will extend far beyond individuals to their families, neighborhoods, and broader communities.



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